Karon LeCompte - Baylor University

CCRS in Action is a collaborative statewide initiative to engage secondary preservice teachers in community based research projects that seek to employ the interrelated disciplines and skills of the College and Career Readiness Standards in social studies. Through this multifaceted project, future secondary teachers will engage in the kind of research that promotes deeper understanding of the structure of social studies disciplines, greater pedagogical understanding, and a thorough knowledge of the complex issues faced by community members at various socio-economic levels.

We will involve preservice teachers in the project, however, our target audience will be social studies methods faculty at all institutions that grant teacher licensure in Texas.  Our objective is for a select group of secondary social studies methods classes to complete community based research projects utilizing CCRS standards.  Those projects will undergo a rigorous review by faculty familiar with the CCRS standards.  The projects that "rise to the top" in terms of implementation of the standards, exemplify high academic quality and practicality in practice will be showcased both in presentation and electronic form.  Specific standards applicable to the projects will be those that closely align with community investigation.  For example, a preservice teacher might use GIS tools to analyze resources within a designated community or investigate a community's history through primary documents or evaluate a local community's economic resources. These projects can engage preservice teachers in civic education based on the CCRS standards and provide them with the kinds of experiences that will transfer to their future students.

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