Emily Summers (Texas State University - San Marcos)


According to the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents, the need for identifying appropriate educational approaches, utilizing ongoing research, and providing educational services for the Hispanic community has never been greater; yet, in Texas, we have minimal college and career readiness documents in Spanish. This 18-month, four-phase study will investigate and respond to educators' needs for increased linguistic and geographic social studies CCRS equity and access.

I will create bilingual Spanish/English, web-based resources aligned to a needs assessment of educators in two urban, two suburban, and two rural Texas school districts with established or growing numbers of students identified as ELLs. All of the social studies CCRS will be included, and the study may widen their use and appeal by translating them into Spanish.  While the initial target audience will be limited to six school districts and two sections of pre-service K-8 teachers, the final target audience for the products will be social studies teachers anywhere in Texas who teach in English and/or Spanish.

pdfCCRS (English)

pdfCCRS (Spanish)
pdfCCRS with Indicators (Spanish)

pdfCCRS (Korean)
pdfCCRS with Indicators (Korean)

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