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Team Based Learning Lesson Plans


These assignments were developed as part of the College and Career Readiness Initiative (CCRI) to help high school students better prepare for college. These assignments may be used by high schools and in developmental education courses to help students enhance their college and career readiness, and also to determine the degree to which high school seniors and incoming college students are meeting College and Career Readiness Standards. Click the link below to view lesson plans in a specific category

Team-Based Learning Lesson Plans

These activities were created by Science Faculty Collaborative members who attended the Team Based Learning workshop in July. They are designed to incorporate the College and Career Readiness Standards. For more information on Team Based Learning, view the resources from the March workshop, Strategies for Teaching Large Undergraduate Science Classes with Team-Based Learning and CCRS.





Jon Aoki Environmental Sciences

pdfLesson Plan121.67 KB


Michelle Badon Biology

pdfLesson Plan133.75 KB

Jessica Coleman Biology

pdfLesson Plan135.62 KB
pdfRubric6.78 KB
pdfSupplemental Reading10.08 MB

Karin Chumbimuni-Torres Chemistry

pdfLesson Plan117.04 KB

Gabrielle Guy Chemistry

pdfLesson Plan217.03 KB
pdfRubric180.51 KB
pdfSupplemental Reading1401.46 KB
pdfSupplemental Reading2564.42 KB

Ana Medrano Biology

pdfLesson Plan245.22 KB
pdfSupplemental Reading155.51 KB
pdfSupplemental Reading258.26 KB
pdfSupplemental Reading385.61 KB

Scott Miller Astronomy

pdfLesson Plan201.71 KB

Jennifer Mount Physics

pdfLesson Plan149.37 KB

Rita Moyes Biology

pdfLesson Plan160.35 KB

Suzanne Pundt Biology

pdfLesson Plan149.54 KB

Charles Watson Environmental Sciences

pdfLesson Plan101.89 KB

Sandra Westmoreland Biology

pdfLesson Plan274.27 KB
pdfSupplemental Reading1155.17 KB
pdfSupplemental Reading262.4 KB

Omah Williams Science Education

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Dara Williams-Rossi Environmental Sciences

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