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Mathematics Resources

College and Career Readiness Standards

The College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) define the competencies and skills graduating high school students must possess in order to be successful in higher education and beyond.  The standards represent the best consensus of K-12 educators and higher education faculty.  Standards have been developed in four subject areas:  Mathematics, Science, English language arts, and Social Studies.  A fifth set of standards called cross disciplinary standards has also been developed.

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TEKS and CCRS Alignment Analyses

Vertical teams of K-12 and higher education institution faculty have reviewed the degree of alignment between the new readiness standards and the current secondary school curriculum in mathematics, science, English language arts and social studies, noting any gaps between these two sets of standards in a series of gap analyses reports.  These gap analyses reports are now serving as the basis for the refinements to the existing K-12 knowledge and skills standards (TEKS).

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Algebra II Performance Expectations

THECB and TEA have asked teams of higher education and K-12 faculty to more explicitly define the Algebra II TEKS and CCRS-related standards in terms of performance expectations.  The teams have reviewed the Algebra II TEKS, CCRS and national standards, developed a set of associated performance expectations, and validated these performance expectations.  The resulting performance expectations in Algebra II are now expected to serve as the foundation for more beneficial teacher preparation, professional development, instructional materials and assessment.

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