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resourcesResources and Materials


pptxTEKS_Evolution_CCRIFC.pptx, Jacqueline Weilmuenster

pptxTEKS_Implications_CCRIFC.pptx, Jacqueline Weilmuenster

pdfDr. David D. Molina - Preparing Mathematics Teachers for Success in the STAAR Era2.76 MB

CCRI 2011: New Developments in Mathematics Conference presentations available

CCRI 2010: Mathematics Summit presentations available

CCRS Materials

Lessons, along with accompanying toolkits and videos, are available for use free of charge to all teachers throughout Bexar County and across Texas on SA-Ready.org, ensuring high quality resources are available for teachers and students. SA Ready (Link) is a free platform that gives teachers access to high quality lesson plans and teaching resources. Developed in partnership between Generation TX San Antonio and Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC), SA Ready is aligned with Texas College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and helps prepare teachers to implement college-and career-ready lessons.

pdfMini-Grant Project Descriptions

pdfTexas College and Career Readiness Standards7.19 MB

pdfAlignment between TEKS and CCRS in mathematics112.89 KB