Types of TX Faculty Cooperatives

TX faculty cooperatives are a great way for students to work together with faculty. This is done to help students learn how to become more responsible for their own education and find ways in which they can maximize their time as well as find ways that they can use their resources effectively. Some examples of these cooperatives include the following:


The Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Texas at Austin is one of the most popular cooperatives that students can work with. They are made up of around fifty different students working as a group to get things accomplished within a set amount of time.


Students at Texas State University can work with a project that deals with working toward a certain goal. Students have to complete a questionnaire and then come up with an idea for the specific project that they want to work on. There are several groups that work with this project including the UT Women’s Center.


Texas State University also has a project called the Community Service Project. This group helps students who have families to help them out while they are going back and forth from school to work. These students are given a number of tasks so that they can do everything possible to get their lives back in order as well as help other students in need.


A student group in the Department of Education at UT-Austin works with students who need extra help with their studies. This group allows them to help their fellow students learn how to be more responsible with their time, while also learning some skills that they can use in their day to day lives.


The Department of Public Affairs in the UT-Austin also works with a group that allows students to help others. This group works to get students involved in various community programs.