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Seminar Presentations

CCRI Culminating Conference

 pptxTeacher Education at a Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities - Marilyn Cochran Smith (May 2013)2.52 MB

College and Career Readiness and 21st Century Learning

pptxDisciplinary Literacy in the Sciences: Strategies for Teaching and Learning Complex Text - Jodi Patrick Holschuh (March 2013)3.9 MB
pdfMeeting the Challenge for Academic Success - David Conley (Feb. 2010)1.1 MB
pdfImproving Achievement and Closing Gaps - Paul Ruiz ( Feb. 2010)2.8 MB
pdfPreparing Our Students and Ourselves for a New Century of Opportunities - Cathy Seeley (Sept. 2011)1.88 MB
pdfClosing the Gaps in a Rapidly Changing World - Dominic Chavez (Sept. 2011)9.8 MB
zipSobering Statistics: An Overview of the Crisis in Secondary and Post-Secondary Schools205.48 KB

Addressing the English/Language Arts College and Career Readiness Standards

zipCross-College Connections and Collaboration: Integrating the CCRS into Teacher Preparation Courses - Holly Hungerford-Kresser, Kim Ruebel, and Jim Warren (June 2011)1.45 MB
zipCreating Rigorous Lessons While Integrating the TEKS, ELPS, and CCRS  - Kristie Hotchkiss (Sept. 2011)1.45 MB
zipAligning the CCRS, TEKS, and ELPS to Increase Rigor - Kristie Hotchkiss & Marty Hougen (Sept. 2011)2.84 MB

Addressing the Cross-Disciplinary College and Career Readiness Standards:

zipPreparing Students for the Challenges of "Close" Reading in College IDA Presentation, Hougen & Pilgrim, Oct. 27, 20121.56 MB
pdfWriting Next: Strategies to Link Content Area Learning and Written Expression - Gary Troia (Feb. 2010)10.12 MB
pdfPromoting Content Learning Through Embedding Literacy Strategies - Dolores Perin (May 2010)129.38 KB
pdfA Critical Thinking Approach to Cross-Disciplinary Readiness Standards - Michael Sweet (May 2010)696.75 KB
pdfWhat Does it Mean to Teach Disciplinary Literacy? - Tim Shanahan (Sept. 2010)199.3 KB
pdfPreparing Teachers to Teach Discipline-Specific Literacy - Cynthia Shanahan (Sept. 2011)625.85 KB
pdfIncreasing College and Career in the Sciences Through Discipline-Specific Instructional Strategies for Scientific Literacy - Sandra Metoyer (Sept. 2011)1.43 MB
pdfLiteracy and Learning Through the Arts - Neva Cramer (Sept. 2011)8.43 MB


pdfIntroduction to the ELAR TEKS3.93 MB
pdfIntroduction to the ELAR CCRS528.89 KB
pptWhat Teacher Educators Need to Know about End of Course Exams - Mark Noe (June 2011)3.24 MB
zipAligning the CCRS, TEKS, and ELPS to Increase Rigor - Kristie Hotchkiss & Marty Hougen (Sept. 2011)2.84 MB

Digital Literacy

pdfPreparing Today's Learner for College and Career: Emerging Technologies, Effective Strategies, and News from the Field - Karen French (June 2011)40.04 MB
pdfConnecting Digital Literacy and Differentiation of Instruction - John Sargent (June 2011)1000.99 KB
zipCCRS, the Photo Essay, and Technological Literacy - Rich Rice (June 2011)3.06 MB
pptxConnecting Digital Literacy and Curriculum Development - Mary Thompson-Price (June 2011)8.62 MB
pdfLearning with the Digital Natives: Web Tools for Teachers - Debra Slaton (June 2011)1.97 MB

Addressing the Needs of English Language Learners

pdfConnecting Content Teacher Preparation Curricula to Effective Instruction for English Language Learners - Diana Madrigal-Hopes (Sept. 2010)1.98 MB
pptxIntegrating the ELPS into English Language Arts Preservice Courses - Steve Chamberlain (June 2011)1.23 MB
pdfSchoolwide Implementation of Research-Based Literacy and Language Acquisition Practices: Moving from Research to Practice - Leticia Grimaldo & Genise Henry (Sept. 2011)4.81 MB

Addressing the Needs of Adolescent Learners

pdfTexas Adolescent Literacy Academies (TALA) - Traci Seils (Sept. 2010)619.21 KB
pdfFeatures of Effective Instruction - Jennifer Schnakenberg (Sept. 2010)459.98 KB
pdfImplementing Response to Intervention: Challenges for Secondary Campuses - Pam Bell (Sept. 2011)2.24 MB