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Featured College Readiness Standard

Cross-Disciplinary Standard II - Foundational Skills

II. Foundational Skills

A. Reading across the curriculum

  1. Use effective prereading strategies.
  2. Use a variety of strategies to understand the meanings of new words.
  3. Identify the intended purpose and audience of the text.
  4. Identify the key information and supporting details.
  5. Analyze textual information critically.
  6. Annotate, summarize, paraphrase, and outline texts when appropriate.
  7. Adapt reading strategies according to the structure of texts.
  8. Connect reading to historical and current events and personal interest.

B. Writing across the curriculum

  1. Write clearly and coherently using standard writing conventions.
  2. Write in a variety of forms for various audiences and purposes.
  3. Compose and revise drafts.

C. Research across the curriculum

  1. Understand which topics or questions are to be investigated.
  2. Explore a research topic.
  3. Refine research topic based on preliminary research and devise a timeline for completing work.
  4. Evaluate the validity and reliability of sources.
  5. Synthesize and organize information effectively.
  6. Design and present an effective product.
  7. Integrate source material.
  8. Present final product.

D. Use of data

  1. Identify patterns or departures from patterns among data.
  2. Use statistical and probabilistic skills necessary for planning an investigation and collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.
  3. Present analyzed data and communicate findings in a variety of formats.

E. Technology

  1. Use technology to gather information.
  2. Use technology to organize, manage, and analyze information.
  3. Use technology to communicate and display findings in a clear and coherent manner.
  4. Use technology appropriately.


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