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Instructional Modules

COURSE MODULE 1:  Overview of Cross-Disciplinary Strategies to Address the College and Career Readiness Standards

This module is the first in a series addressing disciplinary literacy.  It provides the foundation for understanding the concept of reading in the disciplines.

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COURSE MODULE 2:  Anticipation/Reaction Guides to Improve Comprehension of Text

This module focuses on an instructional strategy that can be used in all disciplines.  The Anticipation/Reaction guide enhances reading comprehension by activating prior knowledge and setting a purpose for reading.

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COURSE MODULE 3:  Teaching English Language Learners With Academic Rigor

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COURSE MODULE 4:  Improving Academic Achievement With Explicit Instruction

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COURSE MODULE 5:  Disciplinary Literacy in Science

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COURSE MODULE 6:  Historical Reading

pdfHistorical Reading_Handouts.pdf191.07 KB

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COURSE MODULE 7:  Historical Writing

pdfHistorical Writing_Handouts.pdf211.19 KB

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Course Module 8: Using Morphology to Enhance Vocabulary Development in the Disciplines

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pdfMorphology_Notes.pdf219.11 KB

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