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CCRI Culminating Conference
May 16-17, 2013

Seminar Materials:


Integrating the CCRS into the Science Classroom: Fostering Success in College Science
March 22, 2013


Cross-Disciplinary Literacy: Metacognitive Strategies to Support Comprehension
November 1 & 2, 2012

Seminar Videos:


Texas A & M - Texarkana Regional Conference
October 12, 2012

The Regional Conference, co-hosted by Texas A & M – Texarkana, included an overview of the Texas College & Career Readiness Standards, a presentation of metacognitive strategies to support close reading of complex text, and the modeling of close reading skills that included annotation, prediction, self-questioning, clarifying, use of text structure, paraphrasing, and fix-up strategies.  Participants included faculty, student teachers, and K-12 teachers and administrators.

  • Close Reading of Expository Text for Teacher Candidates
  • The College & Career Readiness Standards:  What Teacher Candidates Need to Know
  • Reading Complex Text


Effective and Meaningful Instruction for the 21st Century Student
October 14, 2011

The focus of this conference, co-hosted with Schreiner University, was to explore ways that teachers and administrators can help prepare their students for college and careers through the implementation of the CCRS and the application of effective instruction to effectively address these standards.

pdfImproving Student Performance - Best Practices in Intervention and Acceleration: A Project Share Course1.32 MB - Daryl Michel
pdfTexas College and Career Readiness Standards: An Overview1.31 MB - Terri Kurz
zipAligning the CCRS, TEKS, and ELPS to Increase Rigor2.84 MB - Kristie Hotchkiss and Marty Hougen
pdfLiteracy and Learning Through the Arts17.08 MB - Neva Cramer
zipCreating Rigorous Lessons While Integrating the CCRS, TEKS, and ELPS1.45 MB - Kristie Hotchkiss


Preparing Preservice Teachers for 21st Century Teaching
September 15 and 16, 2011

Developing adolescents' disciplinary literacy is vital to preparing students for college and career success. The focus of this seminar was on the importance of using discipline-based strategies to help students learn from English, history, science and mathematics texts. Breakout sessions on adolescent literacy topics such as raising the rigor in E/LA classes, integrating the ELPS in the classroom, and the importance of metacognition to student learning was included. A special appearance by the Commissioner of Higher Education, Dr. Raymund Paredes, capped off the two-day event.

Plenary Sessions:
pdfPreparing Teachers to Teach Discipline-Specific Literacy625.85 KB - Cynthia Shanahan, University of Illinois at Chicago
pdfPreparing Our Students and Ourselves for a New Century of Opportunities1.88 MB - Cathy Seeley, Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin
pdfClosing the Gaps in a Rapidly Changing World9.8 MB - Dominic Chavez, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
zipAligning the CCRS, TEKS, and ELPS to Increase Rigor2.84 MB - Kristie Hotchkiss and Marty Hougen

Breakout Sessions:
pdfImplementing Response to Intervention: Challenges for Secondary Campuses2.24 MB - Pam Bell, The University of Texas at Austin
pdfSchoolwide Implementation of Research-Based Literacy and Language Acquisition Practices: Moving From Research to Practice4.81 MB - Leticia Grimaldo and Genise Henry, The University of Texas at Austin
pdfLiteracy and Learning Through the Arts17.08 MB - Neva Cramer, Schreiner University
pdfIncreasing College and Career Readiness in the Sciences Through Discipline-Specific Instructional Strategies for Scientific Literacy1.43 MB - Sandra Metoyer, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
zipCreating Rigorous Lessons While Integrating the TEKS, ELPS, and CCRS1.45 MB - Kristie Hotchkiss, The University of Texas at Austin


Integrating the English/Language Arts College and Career Readiness Standards in Preservice Courses
June 2 and 3, 2011

This workshop included an overview of digital literacy and its importance to college and career readiness, collaborative work sessions on integrating the English/Language Arts CCRS into college syllabi and developing "turnaround" lessons, an update on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness for English (STAAR exam) and a presentation on how to integrate the ELPS in to English/language arts preservice courses.

Day 1 Presentations:
pptPreparing Today's Learner for College and Career: Emerging Technologies, Effective Strategies, and News from the Field9.45 MB - Karen French, The University of Texas at Austin
pptxConnecting Digital Literacy and Differentiation of Instruction964.55 KB - John Sargent, East Texas Baptist University
zipCCRS, the Photo Essay, and Technological Literacy3.06 MB - Rich Rice, Texas Tech University
pdfConnecting Digital Literacy and Writing59.57 KB - Karen Gentsch, East Texas Baptist University
pptxConnecting Digital Literacy and Curriculum Development8.62 MB - Mary Thompson-Price, East Texas Baptist University
pptLearning with the Digital Natives: Web Tools for Teachers2.15 MB - Debra Slaton, Cisco College

Day 2 Presentations:
zipCross-College Connections and Collaboration: Integrating the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) into English/Language Arts and Reading Teacher Preparation Courses1.45 MB - Holly Hungerford-Kresser, Kim Ruebel, and Jim Warren, The University of Texas at Arlington
pptxIntegrating the ELPS into English Language Arts Preservice Courses1.23 MB - Steve Chamberlain, The University of Texas at Brownsville
pptWhat Teacher Educators Need to Know about End of Course Exams3.24 MB - Mark Noe, The University of Texas - Pan American


The Importance of Digital Literacy to College and Career Readiness
March 25, 2011

This conference, co-hosted with Texas Tech University, presented the latest information on the topic of digital literacy. Participants, which included faculty, students, and P-12 teachers and administrators, explored new media tools like digital video and iMovie and carved out strategies to implement the CCRS in current and future classes.

pptOverview of the College and Career Readiness Standards1.88 MB
pdfSwimming with the Sharks: Making the Transition from High School to University and Doing it Successfully1.73 MB
pdfPreparing Today's Learners for College and Career: Emerging Technologies, Effective Strategies, and News from the Field34.67 MB
pdfThinking Critically With Pictures: Using Photo Essays to Address CCR Standards441.22 KB
pdfInteractive Web Tools for Teachers226.58 KB


Beyond Comprehension: Reading for College and Career Readiness
March 28, 2011

The focus of this conference, co-hosted with The University of Texas - Pan American, was to explore ways to help students develop skills that will prepare them for the deeper reading and writing that is expected in college.

pptThe CCRS and the End of Course Exam in English/Language Arts3.24 MB


Disciplinary Literacy for Success in College and Careers
September 16-17, 2010

This symposium explored critical issues and research in adolescent literacy with a special focus on issues pertinent to teacher preparation. Strands on Literacy Learning as a Multidimensional Practice, Disciplinary Literacy, Multitiered Intervention Frameworks and more were covered. Breakout sessions addressed critical topics in the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards and adolescent literacy. Featured speakers included Dr. Carol Lee, Northwestern University; Dr. Tim Shanahan, University of Illinois at Chicago; and, Leslie Novosel, University of Kansas.

pdfTim Shanahan's presentation199.3 KB
pdfTexas Adolescent Literacy Academies (TALA)619.21 KB
zipFeatures of Effective Instruction512.52 KB
pdfCollege Readiness and Adolescent Literacy1.06 MB
pdfDifferentiation in the Secondary College Classroom99.85 KB
zipEnglish Language Learners2.11 MB


Strategies for Implementing Cross-Disciplinary Standards
May 17-18, 2010

The CCRI: English/Language Arts Faculty Collaborative hosted a workshop that presented strategies that addressed the CCRS cross-disciplinary standards. This workshop, which took place in Dallas, was attended by teacher educators in social studies and science as well as English/language arts.

The workshop consisted of two sessions. The first session on May 17 was conducted by Dr. Dolores Perin of Teachers College, Columbia University, a renowned researcher in content area literacy and focused on integrating literacy skills into content area teaching. The second session on May 18 was conducted by Dr. Michael Sweet, a faculty development specialist at The University of Texas at Austin, and focused on teaching critical thinking skills to high school/college students.


Meeting the Challenge for Success in College and Careers
February 4-5, 2010

The College and Career Readiness Initiative: English/Language Arts Faculty Collaborative hosted a symposium titled “Meeting the Challenge for Success in College and Careers.” The symposium was held on February 4 and 5, 2010 in Austin. Ninety-five faculty members from Institutes of Higher Education across Texas were in attendance. Featured speakers included Dr. Paul Ruiz, The Education Trust, Dr. David Conley, University of Oregon, and Dr. Gary Troia, Michigan State University.

pdfImproving Achievement and Closing Gaps2.8 MB – Paul Ruiz
pdfMeeting the Challenge for Academic Success1.1 MB – David Conley
pdfWriting Next: Strategies to Link Content Area Learning and Written Expression10.12 MB - Gary Troia

In addition, there were several breakout sessions on the following topics: Critical thinking, digital storytelling, Collaborative Strategic Reading, CREATE, the standards in practice model, and the Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies. These breakout sessions provided attendees an opportunity to meet in small groups and have an interactive discussion about a topic related to helping preservice teachers prepare students for college and career readiness.


Community College Symposium for Social Studies and English/Language Arts Faculty
November 06, 2009

This symposium presented faculty representatives from Texas community colleges and universities with important information about College and Career Standards in the areas of Social Studies and English/Language Arts. Dr. Judith Loredo, THECB and Dr. Joseph Kulhanek, TEA presented background information and an overview of CCRS alignment work. Featured speaker Dr. Leila Christenbury, Professor of English Education at Virginia Commonwealth University, addressed the importance of and methods for improving reading and writing in the content areas.


Instructional Tools for Paraphrasing
October 30, 2009

This seminar focused on instructional tools for paraphrasing.  The paraphrasing strategy is designed to help students focus on the most important information in a passage.   The tools presented will include:  *Fundamentals of Paraphrasing, *The Paraphrasing Strategy and *The Frame Routine (all *Copyright 2009 by the University of Kansas).  The seminar was presented by Candace Bixler, Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) Professional Developer.


An Introduction to the New ELAR Curriculum Standards
August 14, 2009

This seminar focused on the new ELAR curriculum standards and introduced secondary teacher educators to the new English/Language Arts curriculum standards that Texas teachers will be expected to implement beginning with the 2009-2010 school year.  English/Language Arts TEKS, the College and Career Readiness Skills (CCRS), and the English Language Proficiency Standards were also covered.


Sentence Writing Strategy
June 19, 2009

This workshop explored Sentence Writing Strategy, a research-validated instructional strategy that is effective in developing writing proficiency and college readiness skills.  The strategy was developed by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning, and has been used successfully with students of varying levels of writing proficiency, including English Language Learners.  The workshop was presented by Candace Bixler, Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) Professional Developer