CCRI Course

Introduction Video

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How to Experience the Course


This course was originally developed for an interactive online environment with groups of participants accessing specific parts of the website to post their results, thoughts and interactions for various activities. Those parts of the course are not available on this site. We encourage you and your candidates to replicate the interactive activities in a modified format. For example, the instructor can pair candidates and have them work together on the activities.

Some but not all of the instructions in this course have been modified from the original. Therefore the instructor may need to rewrite the instructions to meet their own needs.

Some of the directions may refer to the original course, and instructors will need to modify those instructions. there still may be references in videos or elsewhere to the interactive areas of the original course.

Bright Ideas is a reminder for participants to note information and strategies most relevant to them that they want to remember to implement with their secondary students. When you see the lightbulb icon, take a moment to jot down the most relevant information you learned.