Module 1

In this module, you are introduced to the seminar's goals, needed materials, and facilitators.  Please click on the video presentation link below to get started.  Remember, each module presentation will open in a new window or tab so that you may return to this window without losing your place in the video when instructed to pause or stop.


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pdfThe Texas College & Career Readiness Standards (2008)7.19 MB

pdfUT Introduction: The ELACCRS603.55 KB


Recommended resources used in this module:


Jetton, T, & Shanahan, C. (2012). Adolescent Literacy in the Academic Disciplines. NY:Guilford Press

Heller, R., & Greenleaf, C. (2007). Literacy instruction in the content areas: Getting to the core of middle and high school improvement. Oakland CA WestEd.


Lee, C. & Spratley, A. (2010).Reading in the Disciplines: The Challenges of Adolescent Literacy from


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